Where are fossil fuels found in our country?

The sedimentary basins, that is to say, the places where the geological conditions for the formation of hydrocarbons were given, are distributed in different parts of the country. 

in Argentina, 19 sedimentary watersheds were identified, of which five are in operation: Northwest, Cuyo, Neuquén, Golfo San Jorge and Austral or Magallanes. 
The first site was found in Comodoro Rivadavia, then enriched others as the following fields of Campo Durán and Madrejones, in
ta. Sal

Oil and gas reserves 

Argentina has a total of 457.7 million meters of oil and 763.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas. 

of the five basins in operation, four produce since the beginning of the twentieth century and the remainder since the decade of 1940. 

Concentrates 43% of oil reserves and 50% of natural gas; they are followed by the Gulf of San Jorge Basin, which concentrates 36% of oil reserves, and the northwest,w
hich concentrates 25% of gas reserves.